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Recent TADAAM TV outages & how our start-up responded

Nothing more frustrating than when technology fails. You as a customer may have noticed it, but from Saturday 15th until Tuesday 18th of August our TV service was interrupted during...

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TADAAM: internet & TV anywhere

Summer is here! That means sitting quietly in the garden, enjoying the sun and watching a movie on your tablet. But if your WiFi cuts out when you’re streaming a...

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Apple & TADAAM TV: it’s a match!

TADAAM TV works on many different devices: our very own TV box, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV’s… But TADAAM also loves the Apple ecosystem!

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Cable-free internet and TV with TADAAM: How does it work?

We get it, it’s hard to believe that internet and television can be cable-free. And yet, it’s true… Let us explain how!

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Moving to a new place? Perfect timing to get a TADAAM BOX!

Moving involves a lot of stress. Skip the hassle and install your TV and internet yourself, no more waiting for technicians!


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TADAAM is a Telenet venture to explore the opportunities and boundaries of fixed wireless access in the connected entertainment space​.​We have simple and big idea: connecting one’s home internet and TV through mobile networks. No cables, no ties, no technicians. On the spot connection to the world. And since innovation & disruption are founding values at Telenet, TADAAM has the freedom to quickly experiment with technologies and business models, with the solid backup of the group.

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