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Top 10 songs on Spotify you need to listen to. Now.

... if you want to take a minute from the hustle and bustle of the world and just chill. A lot’s been going on, lately. Ms. Rona’s turned the world upside down, Millennials are hitting their 30’s, and Gen Z’s are at a constant uproar. And hey, even though we’ve powered through most of it... sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and relax. It’s okay to give our strong, independent selves - a break and let our walls down.

Into slow Contemporary/Alternative R&B? Go ahead. Vibe to this: 

1. 20 Something by SZA - It’s no secret that anything SZA releases is absolute gold. Of course, her “Good Days” is vibe af, but let’s throw it back to this track. This one goes out to all my fellow 20 something’s who are living it up, out there.  

2. Cold War (Stripped) by Cautious Clay - With the song’s original version on Spotify having tens of millions of plays, it’s no secret that the world loved Cautious Clay’s debut hit. But have you heard the Stripped version? It just hits different.  

3. Too Much by Rendezvous at Two - A bit of an oldie. But goodie. *Heart eyes emoji* Also, just don’t know how this singer/producer duo isn’t famous yet.  

4. Butterfly by Umi - There is just something about UMI and her voice that soothes my soul, makes me forget about all my troubles, and clears my skin. 

5. Slowly by ODIE - Anything by ODIE just slaps. But when it comes to “Slowly”... I don’t know if it’s the mix of the string sounding elements with the heavy bass... It just draws you in.  

6. RACECAR by Aries - If you’re not familiar with Aries’ music... I’d describe his genre as reminiscent of the vocals of early 2000’s pop punk band but produced in a 2020 Hip-hop/R&B stylized kinda way.  

7. Bubble Tea by IAMDDB – Though IAMDDB’s been on the scene for a while now, her fan base is mostly from her homebase, the UK. Disclaimer: This bop’s upbeat compared to the rest of the playlist. Dance break anyone? 

8. Ransom (feat. 6LACK & Kehlani) by SAINt JHN - You’ve probably heard SAINt JHN’s Roses – Imanbek Remix. It blew up on TikTok and has over a billion hits on Spotfiy. But as the song’s highly produced and the singing voice is virtually unrecognizable, ever wondered what he actually sounds like?   

9. 3AM by Russ, Ty Dolla $ign - Could be a love song. Could be a bootycall. Idk.  

10. Red Bottom Sky by Yung Lean - One of the more chill, melodic tracks of this artist. Or any “Yung” rapper out there, really. On another note, if you're down to head over to YouTube - between the red track suit, candelabra, and period costumes – I'd say its music video is definitely something to watch.   


Check out our Spotify Playlist, it's a vibe!

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