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Sweets for my sweets, M&M’s for our honeys

Leave us a review on Google, Facebook, or the App Store and score some TADAAM&M’s!

Yes, you read that right: TADAAM&M’s. What are they exactly, you ask? TADAAM is releasing a limited-edition line of chocolatey goodness – TADAAM branded M&M’s in our signature shades of green.

It’s the perfect sweet little pick-me-up while playing your favorite video game or a great sugary treat in between a long workday.

How to score some, you ask? It’s pretty easy!

Just follow the instructions below and get ready for a tasty treat!

  1. Leave us a review on Facebook, Google, or the App Store. Make a screenshot of it.
  2. Send us the screenshot and submit it along with your personal data here.
  3. Get ready to indulge in some sweet TADAAM&M’s.

We value feedback, and therefore your reviews are important to us.

Now remember, this is a limited offer. We’ll only be giving away these sweet treats in exchange for some sweet reviews for the next month. Or until we run out.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave us a review and get your sweet pieces of chocolate goodness now!

Love, TADAAM(&M’s)! 😉

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TADAAM is a Telenet venture to explore the opportunities and boundaries of fixed wireless access in the connected entertainment space​.​We have simple and big idea: connecting one’s home internet and TV through mobile networks. No cables, no ties, no technicians. On the spot connection to the world. And since innovation & disruption are founding values at Telenet, TADAAM has the freedom to quickly experiment with technologies and business models, with the solid backup of the group.

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