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Crazy things Star Wars stans have done for their fandom

Whether you have an entire figurine and cosplay outfit collection or just one of those people that think the baby Yoda memes were cute, may the fourth be with you. Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate, we thought we’d name some of the crazy things you Star Wars fans have done over the years.

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Had a Star Wars wedding

This couple clearly took the concept of “Themed Weddings” to the next level. From having the bride, groom AND all attendants to dress up like characters from the movies to having Yoda officiate their nuptials, it definitely seemed like this act of love was from a galaxy far far away.

Read more about their wedding here.

Spent hundreds of thousands on movie merch

With the franchise having such an epic fanbase, there’s no doubt that if costumes are auctioned off, it would make serious bank. But spending 6 figures on a tattered looking jacket or a Chewbacca mask? Are all Star Wars fans this loaded?

Image Source + See just how much some items were sold for.

Made an (Off) Broadway Musical

Since its huge premiere in the 70’s, it’s safe to say there’s enough Star Wars fan fic and other adaptions out there to fill out its own galaxy. One piece almost even made it to the Big White Way... Anyone heard of the Off-Broadway show, “A Musical About Star Wars – or Why Star Wars is the Greatest Thing in the Galaxy, Much Much Better than Star Trek”

Image Source + Learn more about it here.

Cosplayed it up at the 2009 Emmy’s

There's nothing wrong with dressing up to show a little fandom love. It’s even considered a norm on days like Halloween... But this was definitely a bold choice for Kristen Wiig. The Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids actress donned a Darth Vader inspired ensemble on the red carpet of the Emmy’s. No further comment.

Image Source + See her and other actresses that are Star Wars fans here.

Traveled to Tunisia to restore a set

Yes, you read that right. “Save the lars homestead” was an initiative run by 6 men, who came from all over the world, to save the movie set of Luke Skywalker's home. They all traveled to the Salt Flats of Tunisia where the house was located at. Now, can you really say you’re a fan of any movie if you haven’t traveled to another continent to restore one of its sets?

Image Source

Check out their vlog here.

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