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15 best apps on the TADAAM TV box

The TADAAM TV box is not just a regular box. It’s a device that allows you to download literally any app you want. Now, you’re probably wondering… With millions of apps in the Google Play Store, which apps are worth checking out? Apart from YouTube and Spotify, there are many more surprising apps you can use on Android TV. We'll introduce the 15 best apps, all available on your TADAAM TV box - and therefore, straight on your TV!

In the category: Sports ⚽️ 🏑

🏆 1. FITE

If something happens in the boxing or wrestling world, it’s on FITE! Stream all games, from MMA, Boxing, Pro Wrestling to Bare Knuckle Fighting and Martial Arts - free and pay-per-view. It's easy to watch on your TV using the FITE app on your TADAAM TV box.

🏆 2. NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA

Where are those sports fans? With NHLNFLMLB or NBA, you can stream your favourite sports games for a small annual fee (also those games that do not air on local TV where you live)! These 4 apps are your one-stop-shop for all things hockey, football, baseball or basketball. From news to scores, stats, tickets, arena info, and highlights; there’s no other app you need to unleash your sports fandom. Big sports fans may want to check these out instead of going for a huge subscription full of channels they don’t watch.

🏆 3. SofaScore

SofaScore allows you to watch live scores, results and stats from more than 20 sports, 5000 leagues and tournaments. And there's more! Project it on your TV - using the TADAAM TV box - and you will be the first to find out who scored a goal and get detailed stats on players and other sports events.

In the category: Live TV & TV On Demand 📺 🍿

🏆 4. Disney+

We don't need to tell you about this one! Proximus can claim exclusivity all they want, just know the Big Mouse loves TADAAM. Of course, Disney+ is available on our TADAAM TV BOX. Make sure to stream Lady & the Tramp while eating spaghetti or get lost in space in a Galaxy Far Far Away…

🏆 5. YouTube 

Another life hack! You can watch every video ever made on YouTube with the TADAAM TV box. Watch tutorials, carpool karaoke or the newest video clips from your favourite artist on big screen.

🏆 6. YouTube Kids

After all these days of quarantine you'll probably find it hard to keep coming up with ideas to entertain the youngest in the house. With YouTube Kids you can keep your kids amused and make sure you don't have to monitor what's jumping up on their screen. That is what we call a win-win.

🏆 7. Streamz

This is a new one, and we love it! Watch your typical and exclusive Flemish fiction (classics & brand new content!) straight on your TADAAM TV box with the newest streaming service Streamz & Streamz+. Also, Streamz added international series, including the renowned HBO series. Streamz basically is the Flemish Netflix (for only €11,95/mo).

🏆 8. Neverthink

Are you tired of scrolling on your social media accounts, but do you still want to have a laugh at funny video content? Neverthink is your #1 source of funny memes and videos. They are handpicked every day for your entertainment. No more searching, just pick a channel and enjoy the show.

🏆 9. Twitch

From games to music and beyond. Watch gamers play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 21, League of Legends and much more with the Twitch app. Live chat during any game, so you can connect with other watchers all over the world. Sounds like entertainment to us!

🏆 10. Prime Video & Amazon Prime

With the Prime Video app for Android TV from Amazon Prime, you can watch thousands of movies, series and all-time classics, recommended for you, including Amazon Originals. Buy or rent videos from more than 100,000 titles, including the newest productions fresh out of Hollywood. The cheapest video streaming service out there ($2.99/mo).

In the category: Music 🎵 🎸

🏆 11. Spotify

Did you know Spotify is even better on a big screen? Turn your weekend into the party it should be! Or put on some mellow pop while working from home, your choice!

In the category: Productivity 🧘‍♀️ 📈

🏆 12. TVUsage

Turn a bad habit of bingeing into a less harmful practice for your productivity! You can actually view quite a few stats with the TVUsage app, including your daily and weekly usage habits. Also, you can limit your daily screen time limit and get reminders when it’s time to stop watching TV. Additionally, the app can pin lock any Android TV app (great if you have kids!) and exclude apps if you want to track usage. It’s basically like screen time on your phone, but for your TV.

🏆 13. NordVPN

A VPN app is a great idea to have on your Android TV because you can use it to watch regionally-blocked content. When you’re connected to VPN, no one can see what websites you visit or files you download. You can watch HBO Now, ESPN, BBC iPlayer or any number of regionally-restricted apps (like some YouTube, Netflix & Disney+ content) from all around the world. Just open your VPN app, select a country through which you want to route your Internet connection and enjoy!

In the category: Entertainment 🎤 🎪

🏆 14. Kitchen Stories

Learn how to cook with the free app Kitchen Stories. Do you find it difficult to follow recipes? Are you always reading the instructions over and over? Kitchen Stories has step-by-step photo and video instructions, so it’s easy to follow along.

🏆 15. Calm

Seen everything you've recorded, but you still don't feel relaxed? Try Calm for Android TV, a wonderful relaxation app that offers both sounds and scenes. Choose one of the moving photos with sound: mountain lake, sunset beach, or a mystic fountain, what's your favourite? Put into full-screen mode. Are you into mindfulness? Then the mediation series within the app is ideal for you. And Sleep Stories tell you a tale before bedtime. Ohmmmm...

Your journey doesn’t even have to end there. 

After installing your TADAAM, what do you do? Right, you check out our amazing TADAAM app! The TADAAM TV box turns virtually every screen into a Smart TV. If that's true, than it shouldn't be limited to watching TV, right? A Smart TV has apps. Well, so does the TADAAM TV box! Did you know it gives you access to the entire Google Play Store? Take a quick peek at all the other apps available on your TADAAM TV.

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